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Your donations help us create more bigger and meaningful events that positively impact our communities and cultures.
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Create better & meaningful events

As we're a non-for-profit organisation, we get our funding from government grants and community donations. This means that your donation would give us a greater budget to create better and more impactful events. 

Build a strong network of communities

Your donations will be used to enable us to reach further to communities across Australia where we can foster stronger relationships and increase collaborative event experiences. We believe interstate borders are no reason why we should not connect with our neighbours. 

Give a hand to the those in need

You donations will also make a very important contribution to our charity fund. At ACOA we believe in giving back in a direct way to those that need help. We open our hearts to various current and future issues that requires a charitable hand.

Help us develop our NFP family

As a NFP community organisation, we need the help of volunteers and support within the local community. Your donations help us acquire the tools and talent to reach out to various communities in Melbourne and across Australia so that we can fulfil our vision. 


Please support us by donating directly to our bank account. The details are found by clicking the button "Donate Today".